Earthcraft is a member of the Institute of Horticulture


There are many styles of planting. At Earthcraft, we believe that it is important for planting designs to concentrate on visual effect rather than a collection of numerous botanical plants - unless the design of the garden is specifically botancial.

The designers at Earthcraft study closely where the garden or landscape is located, the style of building(s) and of course the hard landscape design. Following this study a planting plan is devised. As each garden or landcape is very different, no two planting plans are the same.

Earthcraft sources plants from many specialised nurseries here in the UK. Great care is taken when selecting plant material to ensure the highest quality is supplied.

Once planting is completed, specific feeds are applied to assist and stimulate growth. Planting areas are finally mulched with a specific blended mulch by Earthcraft.

All planting by Earthcraft is covered by a one year guarantee.

Please refer to our gallery for examples of planting in design.




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